• Development of optical coatings

Due to long experience in the calculation and designing of optical coatings, as well as the use of advanced calculation programs and optical control during the deposition of coatings, our specialists will help you find the best solution for your problems.

  • Optical coatings service

Izovac has the ability to apply a wide range of optical coatings on the Customer's requests.

Among the possible optical coatings, one can mention antireflection, beam splitting, semitransparent , reflective coatings, optical diamond coatings, optical coatings in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelengths range.

The following technologies: ion-beam and magnetron sputtering method, an electron-beam evaporation and direct ion beam deposition are used for up-to-date coatings application. For optical coatings charachteristics improvement the ion-beam cleaning and ion-beam assisting technology are
used .

Large base of own-made modern vacuum coating equipment allows us to propose for our clients wide-range of quality thin film coatings in short terms.


  • Optical components production

Izovac can supply optical elements with thin-film coatings in accordance with customer's drawings. Company's manufacturing capabilities include the manufacture of narrowband and broadband filters, optical mirrors, beam splitters, optics for UV, VIS and IR ranges.

Depending on the complexity of coating, the technical possibilities of the spectral characteristics of the coatings are in the range from 260 nm to 5 microns.


  • Staff - Department of Advanced thin-film technology

A team of qualified engineers, possessing extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of thin-film products, will help to select the most appropriate solution to your problems.

  • Research work on sputtering optical coatings technologies

Izovac pays great attention to sceintific-research work. Department of Advanced Technologies continually enriches base of well-tested optical coatings.

We are glad to assist our customers to find or develop a new optical coating on the set of output parameters.

In addition to developing of a structure of optical coatings, we can develop the technology and vacuum coating equipment for its realization, which will be established taking into account all your requirements in order to achieve the highest quality and complete solutions to your problems.

A trial batch of a few pieces could be made at short notice to conduct experimental tests of the Customer.