Broadband infrared antireflection coating - BBAR

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Izovac company has fulfilled and implemented in its production a technology of broadband antireflection coatings on IR optics. This coating can be adapted to the ranges 3-5 and 7-12 microns and, accordingly, to silicon and germanium optics.

The use of high-quality sputtering materials allows us to achieve not only high-quality optical characteristics, but also to obtain high-performance properties and compliance with the strictest MIL standards.

To realize the use of IR optics in the most extreme operating conditions, an antireflection coating is used in a combination with a DLC coating applied to the external side of the input windows and lenses.

IZOVAC Technologies company is able to apply broadband antireflection and DLC coating on large-sized products with linear dimensions of more than 250 mm.

Broadband antireflection coatings minimize losses and allow maximum use of IR detector capabilities. For the consumer this means enhancement of optical systems performance (more contrast visualization of low-temperature objects, improving the quality and contrast of the image).

Optical characteristics of antireflection coatings

Examples of DLC + AR coatings in comparison with a two-sided antireflection coating (AR) for the 8-13 um range on germanium substrates are shown in the graphs below.  

DLC coatings

  T,% AR+AR on Si R,% AR+AR on Si T,% AR+AR on Ge R,% AR+AR on Ge
3-5 um >98 <0.5    
8-12 um     >95 <2

This coating is designed to meet durability requirements of the following MIL Specifications

Environmental performance:

Adhesion MIL-C-675C
Humidity MIL-C-675C
Moderate abrasion MIL-C-675C


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