DLC coating

Diamond-like coatings (DLC-coatings)

The Izovac company has developed and successfully uses the efficient method of forming diamond-like protective optical antireflection coatings (DLC-coatings) on substrates of germanium and silicon. The method is based on sputtering graphite targets and destruction of hydrocarbons in gas discharge plasma with subsequent ion beam formation, resulting in the formation of quazi- amorphous diamond-like films. The method allows changing energy of condensing particles in the range of 20-60 eV under control.

Presently diamond-like coatings are custom-deposited on germanium and silicon substrates with maximum dimensions 360×340 mm with guaranteed coating uniformity ±3%. To provide deposition thickness uniformity the source is made elongated with output aperture length about 500 mm.

Germanium optics parts with deposited coatings have passed all environmental tests and optical-mechanical evaluations, established for coatings of such class. A special set of tests of germanium optics parts was also conducted by Thomson company (France) using IR-chamber Catherine. Judging by results of tests diamond-like coatings from Izovac company meet all international requirements set for the articles of this type including MIL standards.

DLC is optimized for a specific wavelength region (3-5µm and 8-14µm) by adjusting the layer thickness during the coating process. 

Application of DLC coatings:  infrared optics, optical windows, thermal cameras, military and defense industry, any application where it is needed to protect the outer optical surfaces from high-velocity airborne particles, seawater, engine fuel and oils, high humidity, improper handling.

Examples of DLC + AR coatings in comparison with a two-sided antireflection coating (AR)  for the 8-13 μm range on germanium substrates are shown in the graphs below.


The transmission of the DLC / AR coated germanium window for 8-12 microns range is more than 90%.

The reflection f the DLC / AR coated germanium window for 8-12 microns range is less than 4 %.

The reflection of the DLC coating for 3.5-5.0 microns range is 1.2-2.4% and depends on the substrate material.

The reflection coefficient of DLC coating for 3.5-5 microns.

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