Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings

IZOVAC Technologies" has developed a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating technology on glass and polymer surfaces.  Our Oleophobic (anti-fingerprint) and hydrophobic coatings is called Defensiz® .  Defensiz®  coating could be combined with anti-reflective coatings on one glass.

IZOVAC Technologies offers an extreme long-term resistance of the hydrophobic coating, keeping up to 10,000 cycles of abrasion steel wool with a load of 10 N. In this case the contact angle of water remains in the range of 115-105°.

At the moment IZOVAC Technologies has possibilities to make anti-fingerprint (AF) coatings up to 550*650 mm glass (surface area for modification can be increased up to several m2, if requested).

The multifunctional AR+AF coating is well suited for use in surface protection of optical glasses from contamination and mechanical scratches, wear-resistant coatings for smartphones, technical displays, touch screens,  architectural glass, etc.

The main performance features of the AF coating from IZOVAC Technologies:

  •  Chemically inert; 
  •  Oleophobic  and hydrophobics properties;
  •  Antibacterial properties;
  •  A coating with a combination of anti-reflective and permanent dirt-repellent properties;
  •  Reduces visual reflections;
  •  Wear-resistant (resists more than 10,000 cycles of abrasion steel wool with a load of 10 N)

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