Multi-zone precision filters

Multi-zone precision filters
Optical filters with several bandpass zonesOrder

IZOVAC Technologies is glad to offer customized interference filters, that combine several high-precision bandpass zones on a single substrate. Various optical filter coatings are arranged on a common substrate by a sophisticated photolithography technique, or by using vapor shadow masks. Stripe assembly approach is also possible.

Ion-beam sputtering guarantees high performance and long-term stable filter characteristics, that are required for space applications.

Advantages of multi-zone filters:

  • Monolithic component with various filters
  • up to 7 zones filters were realized 
  • Low thickness
  • Flexible, high-performance spectral characteristics
  • Low cross talk by black coatings
  • Extreme environmental stability (heat, humidity, radiation)
  • Space qualified

Izovac  has technical facilities for manufacturing different types of stated filters in accordance with Customer's requirements.

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Realized cases - 7 zone interference filter for Earth Observation

Data-sheet for seven zone filter

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